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Seza, Death-Abhorrent - Darklands

"The death of Seza, that despicable maiden of Breten Vyhan, led to her rebirth in the flesh-forges of Ys and a destiny few would seek save the insane. Her enemies' relief at her passing was short-lived, for her resurrection - horrifying enough in itself - wrought changes not only of her form but of her strength, of her brutality and her ferocity. She had truly become an abhorrent, a creature neither man nor beast but a joining of both, and the madness of her flesh-smith - plain to see in her mutations and her augmented body - manifested further in her mind, in her agony and her ecstasy, in her torment and her anger. Yet that mind still calculated, still studied, still fought for control, so that she became self-aware in a way that few of the changed ever do: thus serving the purposes of the Ysians far more than she did in her previous life."

"Seza, Death-Abhorrent" claw with glaive and spikes variants. All parts interchangeable. Sculpted for Mierce Miniatures' "Darklands" game.